As of August 31, 2021, the MO-HOPE Project has reached the conclusion of its 5-year funding timeline. 

PreventEd will continue to provide overdose education and Narcan/naloxone trainings.

The MOHOPE website will remain active to help direct individuals and community organizations to Narcan/naloxone. In addition, the Statewide Overdose Field Report System will remain active to continue collecting data on Narcan/naloxone administrations.

As a reminder, the MO-HOPE Project was a collaborative effort from MO DMH, UMSL’s Missouri Institute for Mental Health (MIMH), and PreventEd (formerly known as NCADA). With grant funding from SAMHSA, the MO-HOPE Project provided overdose education and naloxone distribution trainings across the state of Missouri to law enforcement, healthcare, treatment, and social service professionals, as well as anyone else from the general public who was interested in learning more about heroin/opioid overdose prevention. In addition, this funding allowed the MO-HOPE Project to provide Narcan/naloxone to countless organizations to distribute to their own communities and clients. The MO-HOPE Project team would like to thank our community partners and champions for their participation and support, and for contributing to the success of the project.

For questions or more information, please contact:

Stacie Zellin
MO-HOPE Training Coordinator
Phone: 314-962-3456