Other opioid-related metrics to watch in Missouri:

Opioid Use

When surveyed by the National Survey on Drugs Use and Health (NSDUH):

  • Approximately 388,000 Missouri residents had a substance use disorder. (2018)(5)
  • An estimated 17,000 Missouri residents reported they used Heroin within the past year. (2018)(5)
  • Around 39,000 Missouri residents had a Pain Reliever Use Disorder during the past year. (2018)(5)

Opioid-Related Deaths

  • 1132 Opioid-related deaths in Missouri 2018 (2)

Treatment and Prevention Services

  • An estimated 170,000 Missouri residents accessed treatment for any Substance Use Disorder during fiscal years 2013-2017. (2018)(5)
  • In 2019, 932 Missouri Physicians have a license to prescribe Buprenorphine (592 listed online through SAMHSA’s waivered prescriber locator. (2019)(1)
  • In Missouri, 253 facilities provided Substance Use Disorder Services. (2018)(1)
  • In Missouri, 121 facilities provided Some Medication Assisted Treatment. (2019)(1)
  • Approximately, 795 pregnant women with Opioid Use Disorder were served in Missouri Department of Health Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program in 2016 (from 733 in 2015) (3).
  • In Missouri, 55 Substance Abuse Facilities offer HCV Screening. (2019)(1)
  • In Missouri, 47 Substance Abuse Facilities offer HIV Testing. (2019)(1)


  • Medicaid paid for 16% of Drug Treatment services for Missouri residents. (2016)(1)
  • Missouri Department of Health Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program served 17,837 (6,654 with a serious illness) individuals with co-occurring mental illness 2016. (3)


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